Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Why Bamboo Turn White

Sometime the Bamboo leaves turn yellow very often and there are white spots rowing between the branches and leaves. So you may be tempted to pluck the leaves to allow the new one to grow. You may also spray the plant with neem oil diluted with water once a week. So are you doing the right thing to get rid of the pest?

Well, that is the correct thing to do. Neem oil is environmental friendly and removing infected leaves is also good practice. The white objects which are alive could be mealy bugs. They are often an indication that the plant is under stress.

Bamboo plants suffer easily from a lack of water, especially if they are on an exposed and windy balcony. Their leaves will then roll up and while they recover rapidly after watering (you will literally be able to watc h the leaves unroll), frequent stress will result in more leaves turning yellow and dropping.

A dilute organic or inorganic fertilizer once a week would make your bamboo happy. If you use inorganic granules, a teaspoon or two once in every two weeks should suffice. Remember to water regularly.

Your plants need sufficient light and you should not over-water them as this may cause the roots to rot. Plant that flourish in the shade, partial sun conditions and are suitable for the balcony and patio include the money plant philodendron and calathea. These can easily be bought at nurseries. Lefty plants need fertilizers high in nitrogen to grow lush green foliage.

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